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      We’ve gone through some major changes recently at the studio. We revamped the brand, added new content, projects, and expanded our team of Trouble and Makers!

      So what is trouble and maker?
      We are a media production house based in Toronto, Ontario. We help create standout content for broadcast and web, for companies big or small. We’re still the same radical and passionate collective of Directors, Producers, Editors, Illustrators, Animators and Designers, only BIGGER and BETTER than before!
      What is your blog about?
      We will be blogging about anything media related. However, we have some ideas of what we think commercials should and can be, as well as some of our thoughts on media that is, so we’ll be blogging about that as well.
      What’s in it for you?
      Well, we’re big believers that in the end, it’s all about the viewer experience. Not only should the video be fun, but it should also promote the brand and service of course. But more importantly, it should be memorable to the viewers.

      It should be one of those pieces that people bring up in conversation like “hey have you seen that hilarious commercial for….”. In that case, not only are you promoting your brand/service through a video, but you have viewers going and spreading the word about it as well! It’s a double whammy! and can spread like wild fire.
      That is the goal of Trouble and Maker. We’re on a mission to bring back some of those memorable commercials that seem to be going extinct!
      Stay tuned for more Trouble and Makerish blogs!

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